I came in to this research in the early 1990’s. My grandmother and I assisted our local County museum to acquire our
family Bibles and records to photocopy them. These were later published in history books.  I was excited to know more,
but how does one approach this research without being labelled another crazy hysterical ‘claimant’?  National
Geographic Society was ramping up its
Genome Project to gather all of mankind’s’ DNA profiles. I was among the first to
be tested. No DNA is relevant unless there are others to connect it with.

For example, there are two main branches of Islam, Sunnis and Shias. Many Shias claim direct descent from Prophet
Muhammad’s family. Known as desposyni in Christianity, these alleged direct descendants from holy families are known
as Ahlulbayt in Islam. Shias claim direct descent from Muhammad’s grandson, and we know where his remains are
buried.  This is an ideal foundation for a DNA project.

In the case of the Jesus family, there are 5 graves worldwide that all claim they once held Jesus.  One is in Japan. The
best way to proceed with identity is to start with the grave of Abraham, whom Jews, Christians, and Muslims all claim as
their founder. Jesus, through King David, is a descendant of Abraham.  Abraham’s grave is still intact in Hebron.  All
Jews named “Cohen” (Kohen) claim to be descended from the first Jewish priest, Arron. DNA could also establish the
foundations of their claims. The Shroud of Turin was tested for DNA, but the test was flawed and all agree it has to be
done again. The bones of the apostle Saint Luke were tested, and his descendants have been located worldwide,
identified through their matching DNA. So why hasn’t science continued all this valuable research? Here is the ‘hitch’---

The tombs we needed access to, such as the Tomb of Abraham (in Hebron, Israel) the tomb of Sarah, of Joseph, and
even the tomb of Roza Bal are all under siege and threats of being destroyed or blocked by religious fundamentalists.  
Some religious zealots do not care for the truth to be known, or other peoples’ religions to be professed. They want
only their faith to prevail. This mind-set exists among Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and others, all religions that are
supposed to teach ‘tolerance’ and peace. And yet Christians are killed worldwide at the rate of one every 5 minutes,
just because of their faith.

The photo of me on the horse was taken in 2001, on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, not far from the site where the
Bamiyan Buddha was blown up, where Daniel Pearl and Ahmed Shah Masoud (Northern Alliance leader) were killed,
where Osama bin Laden was hiding in the nearby Tora Bora caves celebrating his destruction of the World Trade
Center. That picture of me on the horse reminds me of the sheer terror I was going through. 9-11 was a one-day event
in America, but for us on the other side of the world, bombings and killings have been a daily event.   I was living and
working among the same terrorists who made these things happen to the world. My heart ached for America and for my
home and family in New York. My hair was falling out in clumps and I was losing weight rapidly, all from fear and

As the Taliban and ISIS spread in the region, many tombs, statutes, and ancient museums that ‘offended’ their ideas
were destroyed.  My friends and co-workers in humanitarian aid (International Red Cross/Red Crescent, NATO, and
many NOGO’s) were killed, especially school teachers, nuns, and nurses because they were easy Christian-European
targets. Usually, it was either bombs that killed them, or their throats were slashed.  I have served in refugee camps
worldwide distributing food and tents and medicines.  It was dangerous for all of us, and this was the worse of times.   

I had to make a choice. If I left, chances are I could not get another research visa to return in the near future. If I stayed,
chances are that I would soon be killed. And yet most of these people were poor, and decent, and needed all the help
they could get. It didn’t seem morally right to just walk out on them for something better for me. I, along with many
others, chose to stay and help where we could, especially the women and children.

According to Islamic Law, there are limited circumstances when a tomb or grave can be opened, and one of them is to
prove DNA/family identity. The graves I needed access to for a DNA sample were all under Islamic control now.        I
was the only one at that time who had the necessary information established through history books and genealogy, and
willing and able to travel and work on this project.  So I gathered the theories about Jesus in Kashmir and ‘bloodlines of
Jesus’ from all the books written in the west, and showed these to authorities. My ancestor names were in those books,
the Baldwins and Des Marets among them. This is how I proved to them that I
did have legitimate claims to continue the
research. I was working with famous archaeologists- but their lives were threatened too. Then, suddenly one day after
about 2 years, the Pakistan Army, on a tip from locals, appeared unannounced at 4AM and rushed me to the airport for
a flight to New Delhi  just before a massive bombing where I was living. That’s how my research project ended. I was
I wrote my book and laid out my research in hopes that it would help others who would continue later. I stayed in touch
with National Geographic. They were always keen about this project.   I appeared in several documentaries (one with
the Dali Lama) and was a guest on weekly radio shows here in America for several years. But soon all the attention
faded away as the world moved on to other things.   I also had another more complete DNA test done, which was full of
new surprises and made me even more excited about the DNA projects. WHO AM I!!! Who is buried in those
graves???  I wanted to know.

I wish that I could return and continue the DNA work in India (Kashmir), in Pakistan, and in Israel.  But realistically I am
too old now, and not in a healthy condition to endure mountain trekking in the Himalayas, or facing such dangers or
strenuous hard work again.

I arrived back in the USA and purchased a condo at Hidden Oaks about 2004-05, and it was a wonderful little
community back then! I was asked to serve on the Board of Directors and our happy little community was humming
along. But through the years, this place has changed.  Under a new Board of Directors, I have been subjected to
constant attacks and mockery for the DNA research project that I had led.  The same 2-3 people over and over again
were behaving just like Taliban!

Three of my cars have been deliberately scratched, dented, and marred. I was averaging 3 flat tires a month. Nails,
screws, and razor blades were removed from the tires weekly.  These were no accident.  My Christmas decorations
were torn off my front door. Plants were pulled out and thrown over the fence.  Completed repairs were not done on my
condo, resulting in extensive sewage damage to my home and illness to myself and my family. My son died of toxic mold
poisoning here.  My mail and packages were taken. The Postal Service may retrieve fingerprints from the envelopes, if I
decide to press charges further, but I am reluctant to press charges against elderly ladies who may be a tad daft.

At Christmas, Police knocked on my door to show me ‘animal cruelty’ charges brought by a Board member. The Police
conclusion is that the charges constituted harassment and were totally unfounded.   Life here has become almost as
bad as the terrorists I faced in Pakistan-different religions, same religious fundamentalist reactions.  I’ve even had to
have security cameras installed around my home. As defined by our Government, these are ‘Hate Crimes’ (terrorism by
a different name)

    “Some states define a hate crime as any crime based on a belief regarding the victim's race, religion,
    color, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, politics, or ancestry. Some states exclude crimes
    based on a belief regarding the victim's sexual orientation. Others limit their definition to certain
    crimes such as harassment, assault, and damage to property. In all states, the victim's actual status
    is irrelevant. For example, if a victim is attacked by someone who hates Mormons and believes that
    the victim is a Mormon, the attack is a hate crime whether or not the victim is actually a Mormon.
    “How is this any different from Islamic terrorism? It’s the same terrorism -just a different religion.

     I was closer than anyone else on earth in this DNA Research project because my ancestral name appeared in
history books.  I had to act on it. There was no one else at the time in such an ideal position as I.  The project had, and
still has  worldwide implications.

I am back home in America now. I have lived in 23 countries worldwide, and worked in humanitarian aid in many of
them. It’s all been an extraordinary experience, for which I am very grateful. Although I did not expect to encounter
terrorism and refugees here too,  I still love America best. This is the finest country in the world. I do what I can to help
others through this pandemic, such as driving Hidden Oaks residents to food banks and doctors if they don’t have cars,
and distributing food parcels to elderly/disabled shut-ins.  It is not much different when I worked in refugee camps
worldwide, only now we are ALL corona virus refugees!

This New Year, I feel happy. I give thanks that I am home, that all of you are safe too, and the world will be a safer,
better place again soon. I have high hopes for us all. There are so many really wonderful people here, and I am
grateful to know many of you.

God Bless you and Happy New Year!
                                              Sue Olsson
                        January 1, 2021

 Hello Hidden Oaks Neighbors!

I am taking this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year!
And to tell you what a New Year in America means to me. That’s me
on the white horse. I was in Pakistan in 2000-2001-2002 on a
research project partially sponsored by National Geographic to save
an ancient tomb known as the ‘Roza Bal’. It is unique because some
legends say that it is the real tomb of Jesus, a place where his body
was taken after the crucifixion and hidden away to protect it from
desecration. Some say that Jesus had first been to India during his
so-called ‘missing years’ in the Bible.

Books about a ‘Jesus Bloodline’ began appearing in 1997.  “The
Templar Revelation” by Lynn Picknett was published, followed by
“Holy Blood, Holy Grail” (1982). In 1993 Margaret Starbird wrote
“Woman with the Alabaster Jar” about a possible marriage between
Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and their alleged bloodline (desposyni).
Mrs. Starbird told me that more than 2,000 women contacted her
claiming to be a descendant of Jesus and Magdalene. They based
their claims on intuition, dreams, and hunches. These were quickly
followed by other books including Laurence Gardner’s “Bloodline of
the Holy Grail” (2000-2002) then Dan Brown books (The DaVinci
Code) and movies. Gardner mentioned several of my own ancestors
in his research, such as Baldwin, First King of Jerusalem and the
Des Marets families. But it was all guesswork!  It quickly became
apparent that
genealogy without proof is mythology.   DNA is
still the only undeniable proof we can have.
Hidden Oaks, Jacksonville,Suzanne Olsson, Kathy Searcy, Suzanne Olsson
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